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Chairman’s Message

We want to give the finest medical care to all our patients in a pre-eminent infrastructure. We wish to encourage our doctors and staff to continuously acquire new skills and deliver outstanding treatment. We wish to help needy patients by participation in government sponsored health schemes.

Shri Mitesh Shah, CMD

Directors’ Messages

“Cleanliness and Hospital Infection Control are the most important priorities of a hospital, and in DHS Hospital we hope to exceed most of those norms.”

Dr Hardik Shah, MS [Ortho.]

“DHS Hospital embodies the best hospital building norms and incorporates the best medical protocols. We hope to strive and deliver world class medical and surgical services.”

Dr Swagat Shah, MS, DNB [Ortho.]


To offer the finest hospital infrastructure and provide unsurpassed patient care.


Deliver Healthcare Services with Sympathy, Honesty, All working as a Team, Regularly learn the latest methods and be very Precise in diagnosis and treatment.


  • Sympathy
  • Honesty
  • All Together
  • Regular Learning
  • Precision


The idea DHS Hospital began way back in the seventies when its founder Shri Mitesh Shah saw his father, a doctor going out of the way to help people in his humble clinic in a small town. He envisioned a place which would offer the best-in-class facilities to all people while ensuring care and comfort. He wanted to build a health haven where patient needs take primary importance over corporate interest. He has spent a decade in researching the hospital’s design and architecture and bringing it to life.

“My father was always ready to help everyone in distress…” says Shri Miteshbhai. “He is my inspiration…”