17 year old collegian had a swelling and pain in her ankle and difficulty in walking. She was investigated and found to have a bone tumour. It was GCTB.

Giant Cell Tumour of Bone is a noncancerous tumour that grows at the ends of the body’s long bones. Most often, the tumours develop at the lower end of the femur (thighbone) or upper end of the tibia (shinbone), close to the knee joint. They are quite rare, occurring in about one out of every one million people per year.
Although GCTB are not cancerous, they are aggressive and can destroy the surrounding bone. Treatment for a giant cell tumour almost always involves surgery to remove the tumour and prevent damage to the bone near the affected joint.

Says the 17 year old patient:
“When Dr Swagat told me about the tumour, my parents and I were shocked. But Dr Swagat and his team counselled us very well and told us the tumour was not cancer. He did two surgeries, one for biopsy testing and the other for total tumour removal. They put in bone grafts and bone cement in the cavity formed after removal of my tumour.
My experience in DHS hospital was so nice, the staff and the doctors were always available and helpful. They did their best to comfort me and keep me pain free.

I will be walking without pain and swelling soon!

Kriyanshi Parag Shah

A young girl’s bone tumour removed
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In a terrible road traffic accident [RTA] which involved a car and the railing on the border of the road, Ms Dhruviben Gosalia suffered an extreme piercing injury. A long railing angle iron rod pierced her leg, thigh,and entered her lungs!

She lay there pinned to the care and in severe pain for 35 minutes before the fire brigade staff cut the outer portion of the rod that still lay embedded in Dhruviben’s body. She was bleeding internally and her life was in grave danger.

Once the rod was cut off, she was shifted to a hospital where Dr Swagat Shah was the attending surgeon. Says Dhruviben: “Dr Swagat Shah and his team gave me a new life. They removed the rod from my body. There were more than 70 stitches taken only in my lower limb, but thanks to Dr Swagat, I got a new lease of life!”

Says Dr Swagat: “The impact of the angle iron rod on the car was so forceful that it had pierced the car Dhruviben was travelling in before it pierced the poor lady. She was pinned inside the car before the fire brigade staff could cut the rod and free her. She had lost a lot of blood and her condition was deteriorating. Her lower limb arteries were pulseless, her lower limbs were not getting blood. We worked as a team with a vascular surgeon and a trauma surgeon and carefully removed the angle iron rod and restored the blood supply to her lower limb. She recovered in a week and we discharged her.”

Dhruviben Gosalia

Accident: Pinned to the car by a six feet rod
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