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The best Orthopaedic & Multispeciality hospital for successful shoulder & knee replacement and
fast accident & emergency treatments.

When it is about our speciality, it is nothing but the care we have taken to make the DHS hospital the best Multispeciality hospital in Ahmedabad where highly trained and well-equipped staff is ready to offer quick and conscientious accident and emergency treatments.

The staff at DHS hospital is specially trained to attend the patient or victim of detrimental incidences in the first hour that is ‘golden hour’. We carefully handle the cases of accidents and emergency treatments like poisoning, breathing difficulties, fits, fall injuries, loss of consciousness, severe and unstoppable bleeding and all types of Medical emergencies & Surgical emergencies.

Orthopaedic hospitals in Ahmedabad

DHS Hospital is one of the leading Orthopaedic hospitals in Ahmedabad providing comprehensive, highly sophisticated Orthopaedic treatments ensuring the international standards clinical outcomes.

Our orthopedic department is geared up for the affordable medical and orthopedic treatments encompassing Total knee replacement surgery(TKR), total hip replacement surgery(THR), spine surgery, sports injury, Arthroscopic surger, Arthritis, other bone diseases and first-rate patient care for Fracture/spine Trauma.

Being one of the renowned orthopaedic hospitals in Ahmedabad, DHS is the most preferred hospital for the joint replacement surgery, revision joint replacement surgery, other surgical & reconstructive procedures for your bone care and accidents and emergency treatments.

Knee replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad

When medicines and physiotherapy do not fulfill the purpose of pain relief for the patient, he/she is advised for the knee replacement. It is the permanent solution for painful arthritic knees and lasts long. TKR surgery by our skilled and experienced Knee replacement surgeon will gift you a pain free joint for decades to come.

Many types of knee pain increasing factors are there like obesity, osteoporosis, cartilage wear and tear, and arthritis. The pain also increases with increasing age. Years of experience in performing successful Primary Total Knee Replacement, Revision Knee Replacement, Uni-condylar Knee Replacement, and all types of joint replacement surgeries make our orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hardik Shah the leading knee replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad.

Shoulder surgeon in Ahmedabad

There are many specific areas addressed by our orthopedic surgeons such as major joint reconstruction, paediatric orthopaedics, reconstructive microsurgery, oncology, sports medicine, hand, foot, spine, trauma, and rehabilitation to name a few. Arthroscopy is also useful to treat the problems and pain in elbow, wrist, ankle, foot, and hip.

Along with shoulder arthroscopy, our shoulder surgeon Dr. Swagat Shah in Ahmedabad holds expertise in diagnostic and repair of Torn floating cartilage, Torn surface cartilage, ACL reconstruction, Trimming damaged cartilage and all types of fracture management.

Success of our team of shoulder surgeons & knee replacement surgeons has earned DHS hospital the status of one of the foremost orthopedic hospitals in Ahmedabad.

We believe in Continuous Medical Education where our Knee replacement surgeon and shoulder surgeon often attend international seminars on innovations in the field of related medical science. In order to maintain its position as the best Multispeciality hospital in Ahmedabad, we handle the staff training program periodically to make the nurses and technicians updated.

To address the critical accidents and emergency treatments and cases of polytrauma, Orthopaedic surgeons at DHS Multispeciality hospital work closely with the other surgeons like general surgeons, neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons, ophthalmologists, Plastic surgeons and gynaecologists.

Based on the advanced infrastructure, trained resources, ultra modern medical equipment and facilities, we at DHS hospital focus on our motto ‘where care meets comfort’. It is the best Multispeciality hospital in Ahmedabad, popular for its cost-effective medicalcare, striving to make healthcare affordable for all.

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