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Isolation beds or chambers in the ICU

Intensive care units have to treat many different kinds of patients, some of whom may be very likely to catch infections, while others may be sources of infection. Two specially created, separate enclosed ICU beds in DHS hospital take care of such patients.

Positive pressure chamber

Certain types of immune suppressed diseases make patient vulnerable to infection. A special positive pressure chamber ICU takes care of such patients. Patients who are on immunosuppression medicine or who have undergone organ transplant like kidney transplant are kept in positive air pressure ICU chamber.

Negative pressure chamber

While some patients may cause infection to others, such patients are accommodated in negative pressure chamber ICU. Patients suffering from infectious and contagious diseases like H1N1 Swine ‘Flu, open cases of tuberculosis, pneumonia etc are treated in the negative air pressure ICU chamber.

24 x 7 continuous care

The ICU will be manned by adequate medical and paramedical staff every day of the year.

Special precautions

Specially trained staff is designated to treat patients in isolation chambers. The staff will wear sterile clothes when treating patients. The biomedical waste from the isolation rooms are isolated before being destroyed.


Apart from the clinical departments DHS hospital has many critical and crucial supportive facilities. These insure prompt and quality patient care.

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