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Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities:

DHS hospital recognises the following rights of all patients and respects them:

Receive Considerate, Respectful And Quality Care

  • Medical condition and treatment evaluation and referral as needed
  • To be treated with dignity and regard
  • Acceptance and respect
  • To be able to exercise cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices that do not interfere with the well being of others
  • Appropriate continuity of care and referrals

Obtain Information About Your Treatment And Health Care Team

  • Right to access to your records and discharge summary
  • Right to choose the healthcare provider of your choice
  • Receive information on diagnosis treatment and prognosis
  • Receive information about your role in your care and the treatment options
  • Expected course of the treatment, recovery benefits and risks of treatments

Make Decisions About Your Care

  • Information needed to give informed consent
  • The right to refuse treatment
  • To be informed of any anticipated medical outcome of refusal
  • Right to leave the hospital even if the doctor advises against it
  • Be comfortable and safe
  • Appropriate pain assessment and management to receive your pain

Privacy And Confidentiality

  • A safe healthcare getting free from verbal or physical abuse or harassment
  • Restrain or seclusion will be used only when needed
  • Comfort and dignity

Administrative and Billing

  • To know expected cost of the treatment
  • Examine and receive an explanation of your bill
  • To raise complaint against doctor, staff or hospital services
  • Right to expect that all the communications & records pertaining to your case will be kept confidential

Patient Responsibilities

DHS hospital expects that the patients undertake the following responsibilities.

  • Provide accurate and complete information about your health to the best of your knowledge
  • Participate and understand your treatment plan and your role
  • Making informed decisions about your care
  • Follow all the hospital guidelines and rules
  • Follow these DHS hospital rules which affect every patient’s care
    1. Consideration of the rights, respect and property of DHS hospital, other patients and staff
    2. Assistance in DHS Hospital efforts to limit the number of visitor for safety and noise control
    3. Be honest in your dealings with DHS hospital and refrain from violent behaviour and verbal abuse of DHS hospital staff
    4. To comply with the clinic rules, regulations and policies of DHS Hospital

You Are Also Responsible For

  • Provide full information about the sources of payment for your treatment at the time of admission
  • Submit all necessary papers in case your treatment cost is being paid by your employer, healthcare insurance, third party administrator or any government scheme
  • Make payments as per the bills given to you from time to time
  • Cash payments above Rs. 2,00,000 [rupees two lakhs] cannot be accepted as per government guidelines. If your bill is likely to exceed Rs 2,00,000, please make provisions to make partial payment before the date of discharge by electronic means