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Continuously Learning

The quality of service in the Medical Service Industry is based on continuous learning. Doctors must attend medical conferences of their speciality and keep learning about new advances in their fields. While para medical staff like nurses and technicians need to learn about newer policies, software, equipment and procedures.


It means Continuous Medical Education. To facilitate CMEs and other staff training programs, DHS hospital has a special Mini Auditorium cum Convention Centre. Here staff and doctors interact often to better the service quality of the medical treatment.

Patient Health Education Programs

There are two aspects in educating patients about their health: the preventive aspect and the curative aspect.

Lifestyle Diseases like being overweight or obese, Diabetes Mellitus, High blood pressure, fatty liver, stroke or heart attack are a surprise to those people who are not aware about these diseases. If most of the population knows about these diseases it will be easier to treat them and in a few cases it will be possible to prevent them. With this in view DHS hospital organises ‘Health Awareness Programs’ from time to time.

For patients who have to undergo a planned surgery like total knee replacement [TKR] or a total hip replacement [THR] or Arthroscopy or bariatric surgery, it is necessary to have as much knowledge about the procedure as possible. This reduces the stress of uncertainty. DHS doctors organise doctor patient interactions to help patients clear their doubts and also to help them make up their minds about where and how they will undergo a procedure or surgery and understand how long it will take them to resume their routine activities.