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“Early detection leads to better outcomes.”

Perhaps this is the basis of getting a health check up done every year or more often in case you have diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, high blood pressure or a past incident of heart or brain ischaemia.

Family history of conditions like osteoporosis, breast cancer, arthritis are risk factors. Special tests to detect possibilities of the above are highly advisable.

Life style may play an important role in being prone to certain diseases. Certain tests should be done regularly for such people.

Some diseases begin but their symptoms take a long time to be felt; diseases of thyroid, high blood pressure and diabetes are examples. Once a year health checks are not a financial burden but a major proactive preventive step.

Every individual and every organisation have different goals for health check up programs. DHS hospital offers different health check plans to suit each entity. Special tailor-made plans can be created for large corporates or groups of people.

DHS hospital Health Check Plans

  • Screening
  • Screening plus
  • Preventive
  • Comprehensive
  • Executive
  • Executive plus

Before Health Check

Please read this before coming for your Health Check

  • Health checks are done by prior appointment only
  • The entire check process may take around 5-6 hours
  • A minimum 12 hours fasting is essential before any health check plan. A little water may be taken
  • The doctor/s [as per your health check-up plan] will see you after all the lab, imaging and physical parameter reports are ready
  • Eye lenses if any should be removed two days prior to the check-up. This will help the eye specialist
  • You are advised to wear loose, comfortable and easily changeable clothing.
  • Please remove precious jewellery and ornaments like rings, ear rings, necklaces, bangles waist chains, anklets etc before coming for the check-up
  • Kindly bring along your medical records of the past three years if any. Also bring any hearing aids, visual aids like spectacles, dentures or any other medical aids that you use
  • Wear footwear which can be quickly removed
  • The consulting doctor may suggest ny additional investigations if required
  • Additional tests, investigations or consultation can be conducted on request or requirement, but they will be billed in addition to the cost of your health check package
  • For Ladies: The hospital shall not conduct certain investigations like X-ray in pregnant women.
  • Ladies please do not come for health check-up during your menstrual period. Internal examination and the PAP Smear test cannot be done during menses